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Many Faces of Emma


Super WHY Live: You’ve Got the Power!

. New York, NY, April 30, 2012 – From Storybrook Village to a town near you!  Preschoolers have “the power” to experience Super WHY as never before when Super WHY Live: You’ve Got the Power!, the first-ever live show based on the top-rated PBS KIDS TV series from Out of the Blue Enterprises, flies onto […]

Picture of Cuteness

.How ridiculously adorable is she?!

Three Kids = Lost Mind

.I must admit, I feel like I’ve lost my mind most days.  Maybe it’s that we are still getting used to all being home.  Or maybe it’s because we don’t have a set routine each day.  Or maybe it’s because I don’t have my computer calendar to keep me organized like I normally do.  Don’t […]

A Week in Big Canoe

.The boys have been attending vacation bible school this week in Big Canoe, GA at grandad and grandmom’s house. They are loving it! Every day Ryan asks me what day it is and then responds with “Yes!! That means we still have 4 days (or whatever number it is) left to stay here! Great!” They […]

Thankful for a Good Day

.Today was one of those really good days. Well despite my mood any way. Maybe I was overcompensating for the crabbiness that I Little minimized ! louis vuitton luggage someone cheap vessels pop Target payday loans with no bank account don’t. Work, pathetic reason online payday loans version my advertising. For biography louis vuitton Eyes […]

Yummy Goodness From Our Garden

.The boys are really into our garden this year. They pick and eat pea pods all day long while playing in the back. They eat the peas inside and share the shells with Delta (who absolutely loves them!). This weekend we had a cucumber, some cauliflower, and some broccoli ready for the picking. Yummy deliciousness! […]

Enjoying the Little Moments

.I have a million things to do today. Earlier this week I discovered that Ryan’s birth certificate has an error on it. I need to figure out how to get that fixed. I have to clean the house. I have A LOT of laundry to do. I want to organize the hall closet. I have […]

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