Halloween Is Right Around the Corner

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Well, maybe Halloween is not right around the corner, but you get the idea.  It comes fast.

This year it will be here even quicker with a newborn, not to mention a summer on maternity leave and two active boys keeping the days busy.

As I was putting away and organizing all of baby sister’s clothes this afternoon I came across previous Halloween costumes that they boys wore and we started talking about what they wanted to be this year.  There come up with so many great ideas and there are so many Kids Halloween Costumes to select from!  Where do we start and when do we finally commit to something without them wanting to change their minds a million times?

Have you given any thought to you Halloween Costumes yet?  What is topping your kid’s favorite lists?

The boys are discussing a variety of super heroes amongst Star Wars characters or Police and/or Firemen.  I told them they could help pick out a costume for baby sister too and so far they’ve come up with a princess or lady bug or bunny.  I wonder what will finally be settled on?

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  1. Too funny! I just asked Ava yesterday what she wanted to be for Halloween this year! “Snow White”…really? That’s the princess she never even talks about, and the same one she wanted to be last year. I guess we have a few months to figure out if that one will stick!

    Get ready for the onslaught of adorable girl costumes! 🙂

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      The boys change their mind daily. But it is fun to hear what they are thinking about each particular day. Who knows what they will finally decide on. They want to pick out baby sisters costume too this year. can’t wait to see what Ava ends up being!!

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