Ready…. Set….

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We’re ready for the “GO!”  Now we just have to wait for baby girl to say she’s ready!

House cleaned:  Check!

Groceries bought:  Check!

Diaper bag packed:  Check!

Hospital bag almost packed:  Check!

Schedule & Routine for boys printed:  Check!

Christmas gifts mailed:  Check!  Yes, I still had Christmas gifts sitting here needing to be mailed.  Good grief!

Shoes return mailed:  Check!

Bassinet moved to bedroom:  Check!

Welcome home toy for each of the boys purchased:  Check!

Laundry semi done:  Check!

I think I’m ready.  Talk about nesting today.  The doctor told me I was 2cm and could go into labor at any time.  I left the office this morning and freaked out slightly and got all of this accomplished.  I feel better now though and ready for baby girl’s arrival.  Now I just have to keep the house clean and in order until the big day…. this could be the biggest challenge of all!

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