Lesson Learned? Nope!

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I had a craving for ice cream the other night, go figure.  It was a nice Spring night and I thought it would be fun to all go out as a family after dinner and enjoy some ice cream and then run off the sugar in the park.

Good plan you say?  I thought so.

Half way through dinner we told the boys if they made a happy plate (aka ate all their dinner) we had a special surprise for them.  This definitely intrigued Ryan.  He asked a million questions and gobbled up the remaining bites of manicotti on his plate.

Owen on the other hand?  Not so much.  I’ve told you he is stubborn right?  Well, he is.

Since Owen refused to finish his dinner (he claimed half way through eating that he didn’t like it), we told him what the surprise was.  We told him that if he didn’t finish eating there was no ice cream for him.

Mind you, we don’t force them to finish their plates all the time.  If they truly don’t like something we don’t make them eat it.  But this is one of their favorite meals and I didn’t give him much to begin with.  He was just stubborn and didn’t want to eat it.

He said he would just watch everyone eat it.  So off we went to follow through with our plan.

Owen didn’t get ice cream.  He looked a little sad, but didn’t pitch a fit or cry or anything.  He just looked sad as we ordered ice cream for the three of us.

We headed to the park and ate and played.  Owen took a very small taste of my ice cream, but again, seemed fine with the situation.

On the way home I asked him, “So, Owen?  Are you going to eat your dinner next time so you can have some yummy ice cream too?”

His response, “Um… No.”

And that was it.  Such a simple statement; such a simple response.


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