Who Signed Her Up for Gymnastics Already?

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I held a one day old baby girl last week and almost had an anxiety attack.  Well, not quite that bad, but close.

Mind you, she was the most adorable, mellow and chill little girl ever as I snuggled her, but still, I couldn’t help but think about how this was going to be us in the very near future.

I’m excited.  Trust me, I really am.

I’m just a little anxious; a little nervous.  I mean, what do I do with a newborn again?

They need so much stuff.  Swings, bouncy chairs, car seats, strollers, burb cloths, blankets, pacis, bottles, bassinets, and the list goes on.

Ryan and Owen get themselves up in the morning and get a pop tart out of pantry and play for an hour or so before they are ready for breakfast and wake us up.  I have a feeling a newborn won’t be that kind to us.

I know it’ll all come back to us once we hold that precious little girl of ours.  I know the boys will be amazing big brothers; they already are.  Ryan is constantly trying to feed me snacks that he thinks the baby will like.  Owen has to kiss the baby in my belly all the time.  They already talk about what they will do when baby sister cries and what she might need.

I have no doubt they will be amazing big brothers.  And I know the newborn stage will come back to us as if it was just yesterday we went through it.  Or at least I hope it does.

Only a few more weeks (4-5 weeks to be exact) until we meet this precious little gymnastics girl in my belly.  Truly I cannot wait.  Well for that and a glass of wine.

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