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Baby sister will be joining our household in the mid May timeframe.  The boys are done with school around that same time.

What does this mean?  Pretty much from day 1 of baby sister coming home from the hospital I will be home with 3 kids all summer alone.  HELP!

No, I’m kidding.  Well, I will be home alone all summer with them, but I’m not too worried.  Or should I be?

The one thing about this that is starting to stress me out is that I don’t feel like I have good control of our house to all be home all day, every day together.  Our house can be spotless and within an hour it seems a tornado has gone through it.  How does this happen so quickly?

We have shoes at the front door and the backdoor depending on where the kids have been playing.  We have baskets by both doors, but it doesn’t seem to help.  They fill up and the shoes still end up all over the floor.  Right now we have the jumpy house near the backdoor because we’ve been taking it in and out almost every day for the last week.  Why bring it further away from the door when it’s just going back outside?  In the meantime though it’s killing me to have it sit by the door; it’s big and bulky and takes up walking space.

We have converted our dining room to a play room for the boys and it’s the first room you see when you walk in the front door.  It’s always a train wreck.  There are storage bins and baskets and organization things in there, but it still looks like a mess all the time.  Plus the toys end up all over the first floor of the house because it’s so easy for them to bring the toys out of that room.  There are no doors to the room; it’s open to the rest of the rooms on the main floor.

Our kitchen is another issue for me.  It’s the dropping area for everything including mail, keys, dishes, appliances, and junk.  I try so hard to get this organized and under control, but it just doesn’t matter.  Things are every where all of the time.  I have no idea what to do anymore.

Our master bedroom is also on the main floor and always has piles of laundry, mainly clean piles that need folding all over the room and bed.

Once we add the newborn to the mix it’s going to be even worse with bouncy seats, swings, strollers and car seats all over too.  I’m starting to feel a little claustrophobic already!

I have mastered the cooking in bulk and freezing to make mealtime easier.  I plan on taking a weekend soon to stock the freezer to get us by for a while after the baby comes home.  But if you have any great recipes to share that freeze well, please share them.  I’d love some new ideas.

Everything else though – Help.  How will I ever stay on top of all of these things this summer with a newborn and two very active boys always wanting and needing something?

How do you keep your house presentable?  What are your tips and tricks you can share with me as I start this new adventure in about 5-6 weeks?  Do you have a cleaning schedule where you take a room a day?  Are there specific things you do daily?

How do you do all of it and still enjoy some time with the kids for art projects, outdoor time, play dates and field trips?  Not to mention a newborn baby and nursing on probably very little sleep?

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  1. Ashley C says:

    Mondays are my cleaning day. The weekends are hectic with everyone home, and while I may tidy up all week long to try to stay on top of all the “stuff” that gets everywhere, I refuse to do an actual cleaning until Monday when I know things will settle down significantly.

    I’m also known to wash laundry throughout the week. That way if I only do 1 or 2 loads it isn’t an all day chore and doesn’t get as overwhelming.

    With shoes not going in baskets, my kids aren’t allowed to eat their snack/lunch/dinner until their outside clothes are put where they are supposed to go. Since that usually takes about 5 minutes I know that everything is put away before a meal is consumed. It’s not perfect, they aren’t put away right away all the time, but this way I know they are put away at some point.

    Can you put curtains up to cover the dining/play room for now? So that it’s easy to close off to company?

    Also, have you considered getting a maid for the time you are home? There will be a lot going on, it may be worth looking into!


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