Why I Almost Spit Out My Coffee

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The other morning as we were driving to school we were discussing baby sister’s arrival in about 7 weeks and how we would need to move the car seats around so baby sister’s seat can go where Owen’s seat currently is.

I asked the boys where they wanted their seats and if they were going to move to the third row together or if Ryan was going to sit back there by himself and Owen would move to Ryan’s current spot.

After much discussion we determined that both boys would move to the back together. And then Ryan asked “Weeeeeelllllll, if baby sister is in

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Owen’s seat and me and O-wee move to the back, then who will sit in my seat now?”

I let him know that nobody would sit there. It would just be empty.

His response, “How about when we have a baby brother than he can sit in my old spot?”

I smiled and politely told him, “I don’t think we’ll be having a baby brother. After baby sister there won’t be any more babies for our family.”

He thought for a split second and replied, “But momma. Baby sister just appeared in your belly one day. A baby brother could too.”

I almost spit out my sip of coffee.

You’re right buddy. You’re absolutely right. She just appeared.

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