Typical Suburban Day… RIGHT??

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Tuesday started like any other day.  Every typical suburban mom has days like this right?!

5:55am – alarm goes off.  Snooze.

6:03am – alarm goes off again.  Snooze twice.

6:30am – alarm goes off again.  Finally open eyes and turn on the news.  Afterall, we have to know the current pollen count right?

6:35am – both boys come bouncing into our room ready to start their day. Immediately I’m asked a million questions and told a thousand things.

  • “Momma.  I’m hungry.”
  • “Momma.  I have to go pee-pee.”
  •  “Momma.  Get up pleeeeease.”
  • “Momma.  Can I vacuum?”
  • “Momma.  Did you make my chore chart yet?”

6:55am – roll out of bed because I’m now late.

6:55am until 7:35am – get myself ready for work; get the boys ready for school; make lunches; and make breakfast.  Common phrases said numerous times during the 30+ minutes.

  • “Hurry!”
  • “Yes, you have to change your underwear.  It’s not optional.”
  • “Please put your pants on.”
  • “Your shirt is backwards.”
  • “Why are your pants still not on?”
  • “Are you wearing Christmas socks, Ryan?”
  • “And are you wearing Halloween socks, Owen?”
  • “Seriously, get your pants on please.”

7:35am – load everyone into the car and head to school

7:55am – finally leave school and start commute to my doctor (OB) appointment on the other side of Atlanta.

9:00am – arrive at doctor appointment.

10:10am – finally see the actual doctor.  I went in for an extra appointment with a doctor I normally don’t see because of some weird pains and uncomfortable baby movements over the last several days.  Basically, I was told that everything is perfectly fine and normal and that I’m carrying this baby completely different than I carried the boys.  This baby is being front carried and sitting extremely low.  She is very active and bouncing on my cervix.  She is also a big baby like the boys were so she doesn’t have a lot of room to move and when she does move her arms and legs she is jabbing me in the exact same spot over and over throughout the day/night.  It’s become painful because it’s basically like poking at a bruise over and over and over.  I was told to drink lots of water; keep my stress low; and my feet elevated as much as possible.  I was also told to be in water as often as I can because it will naturally lift the baby and the pressure she is placing on my cervix.

10:50am – arrive at work.

11:15am – leave for lunch meeting

11:17am – car won’t start.  WHAT THE?!?!?!

11:19am – convince a coworker to drive me to a lunch meeting with the bribe that she will get a free lunch.

2:00pm – leave lunch and stress about whether or not the car will start.

2:15pm – no go on the car starting.

2:15pm until 3:45pm – call hubby; call Honda Carland; call road side assistance.  Attempt jumping the car.  Nope.  Attempt looking at fuses.  Nope.  Attempt user manual.  Nope.

3:45pm – As I stand next to my dead car in the parking lot I receive a call from our credit card fraud department due to suspicious activity on my account.  No worries though because I was the suspicious activity.  I hadn’t used my credit card in quite some time and then purchased a new vacuum cleaner on Monday over lunch during a minor freak out moment when I realized I didn’t have diapers for baby girl arriving in a few short weeks.  I have no idea how a vacuum cleaner purchase came out of the diaper run over lunch, but regardless I spent several hundred dollars on a credit card I had not used in probably over a year.  Thank you for checking to make sure it was legit; timing not so good though and just added to my crazy day, panic and stress level.

4:00pm – I leave to get boys from school using Jim’s car.  Jim stays with the car and waits for tow truck.

4:30pm – tow car to Honda Carland.

5:00pm – get boys and run home to let the dog outside; grab the iPad for a movie in the car; grab a snack for the starving boys.

6:20pm – arrive at Honda Carland.  See Jim car shopping and day dreaming about his next vehicle.  His is old and time to be replaced.  Not today though.

6:40pm – dinner from drive thru McDonald’s.

6:45pm – miss family night at school with pjs, snack and books read by teachers/director.  Bummer.

7:30pm – finally arrive home.

8:00pm – boys in bed and mommy to follow not long afterwards.

I’m pretty sure when the doctor said low-stress he wasn’t referring to a broken down vehicle and rush hour traffic in Atlanta with two hungry kids in the backseat.  Ahhh… the day in the life of a typical suburban family.

You can relate right?

If you don’t follow me on facebook, you probably don’t know how this story ends.  Stay tuned to hear more about this……

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