Bunk Beds + Spring Ahead = Disaster

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The transition to bunk beds has not gone well.  In fact, it’s been a complete disaster.

The beds themselves are awesome.  I love them.  It’s a mission-style look in cherry wood and they are double over double bunks.  The room they are in is huge and has so much potential to be a perfect escape for two young brothers.

I don’t think they’re going to last though.

It’s been 2 full weeks and we’ve only had one good night.  All the others have involved tears, injuries or extremely frustrated parents.  I’ll even admit a few of those nights those tears were shed by yours truly, moi!

The one good night we had was last Saturday night.  We put them in their bunks and there was no talking, no laughing, no getting in and out of bed.  They simply laid there and fell asleep.  We could not believe it!  If I weren’t 30 weeks pregnant I would have been celebrating with a bottle of wine.

That’s where it ended.

Daylight savings happened and the next night they simply weren’t tired at bedtime and it was still light out.  Disaster.  And that’s where we still are…. at disaster.

We’re not getting enough sleep around here.  We’re tired and crabby.  They are not falling asleep until around 9:30pm or 10:00pm and those that know us know our kids go to bed around 7:30pm and no later than 8pm!  Losing that extra sleep has not been cool.

Last night we tried to do separate bedtimes and read to them in different rooms.  I tried to wait to bring Ryan in until Owen was sleeping, but that took until about 9:30pm.

I’m losing it here.

Any suggestions to make this work?  Otherwise the beds are coming down and the boys go into their own rooms again.

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