Where Oh Where Have We Been?

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Between work, the boys, the pregnancy, the holidays (yes, I’m referring back to Christmas and Thanksgiving!), My Hello Designs, and well, life in general, I’ve been MIA lately.

I haven’t visited many blogs and haven’t been as social online as I once was.  I haven’t been blogging much myself either.  I’ve missed birthdays and anniversaries (important ones too!).  Honestly, I haven’t even taken any photos over the last two months.  Anyone who knows me knows that something is going on if I haven’t taken at least 100 photos per month.  I’ve probably taken a total of 20 in the last 3 months and most of those were with my phone.  That’s just not me.

I simply haven’t had time nor energy to do all of it.

But…. I’m ready to get back on track.  My crazy work schedule is over.  I’m not as completely exhausted and ready for bed at 8pm as I was earlier in the pregnancy.  Spring is in the air and the days are longer with sunlight.  My cousin over at It Keeps Getting Better got a new lens for her birthday and has inspired me to start taking more photos again.  Thanks Ashley!

I’m finally feeling it.  I’m ready.

Oh, and I’ve started drinking coffee again which should help.

So, up on the agenda this weekend is… gardening… planting flowers… finish the room transition (except for painting)… finish the office organization (except for painting)… lunch with friends (because we are yet to meet their now 3 month old baby!)… and the Globetrotters!

And if all that wasn’t enough, I also plan on winning the lotto tonight.





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  1. I’m glad I’m motivating you. This weather has me camera crazy! I miss hearing about the boys, what’s going on down there? 🙂

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