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I Swear Our Plants Are Not Dead

.Ryan said he colored the bushes the same color as ours outside. He asked if I wanted to see them. Of course! This is what he showed me. I swear the bushes outside are not dead. The garden and flowers are doing great! What is my 5 year old trying to tell me??

Why I Almost Spit Out My Coffee

.The other morning as we were driving to school we were discussing baby sister’s arrival in about 7 weeks and how we would need to move the car seats around so baby sister’s seat can go where Owen’s seat currently is. I asked the boys where they wanted their seats and if they were going […]

Typical Suburban Day… RIGHT??

.Tuesday started like any other day.  Every typical suburban mom has days like this right?! 5:55am – alarm goes off.  Snooze. 6:03am – alarm goes off again.  Snooze twice. 6:30am – alarm goes off again.  Finally open eyes and turn on the news.  Afterall, we have to know the current pollen count right? 6:35am – […]

Seventh Generation & The Lorax Book Giveaway

. In partnership with Universal Studios’ motion picture debut of Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax* also known as the “Speaker for the Trees” who brings environmental truth and ecological hope to all, Seventh Generation will feature limited edition Lorax prints on all our diapers and training pants. These prints are intended to remind parents and caregivers […]

The Trick Is….

.To wear them out! I know if I want a slightly easier bedtime than I need to wear them out all day long. It typically wears me out in the process, but it is usually worth it. At least I’m hoping it works tonight!!

Leaving on a Jet Plane

.As the boys play in the back yard I keep watching all the planes over head wishing it was us leaving on a jet plane for Spring break in another week. But no such luck. I will just keep dreaming….

Gardening 2012

.Last weekend was so beautiful we thought we would catch up on all things outdoors.  And we did just that. We loaded the kids into the Passat and headed to Home Depot.  Of all weekends to have my car still loaded down with conference boxes and unusable, I chose this weekend to do our gardening. […]

Chicken & Mushrooms in a Garlic White Wine Sauce

.I haven’t posted a Typical Suburban Recipe in awhile. It also means I haven’t done much home-cooking lately either. Unless of course you count frozen pizza, chicken nuggets and other various frozen meals. Time has been limited lately. With my schedule changing last week, I’m trying to get back on track though. I found this […]

A Little Pollen in the ATL

.Who doesn’t enjoy a little pollen? Everything and I mean EVERYTHING is covered in a layer of really pretty yellowish green dust. Dripping with sarcasm. Can you tell? It is actually awful. The weather has been gorgeous and it is hard to enjoy it. You can barely breathe outside; your eyes are itchy and dry; […]

Harlem Globetrotters

.Last night we went to see the Harlem Globetrotters. I had never been so I had no idea what to really expect. Now I know. It was actually hilarious. Funnier than I expected. I knew we would laugh, but not that hard. The boys laughed through the entire show too! If they are coming to […]

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