Sweet versus Stubborn. Which Wins Most Often?

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This is one of my favorite Christmas photos for 2011.


How sweet are these two boys?

When they wake up at 5am and sneak downstairs and grab a cookie and run back up to their room to eat it in the dark, I have to look at this picture and remember how sweet they can be. I have to forget the 3 year old attitude when I say, “Owen, hand me the cookie please. Now is not the time to be eating a cookie. It’s time to sleep.” and I hear a response like this, “NEVER! I WILL NOT! NEVER!”

Aaaaahhhhh…. a 3 year old.

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They do have their sweet moments. Even if their attitude and stubbornness shine through more often than their sweetness these days…..

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  1. SOOO right there with you on the 3 year old stubborness…and the lack of listening. Tell me it gets better as they get older! Oh, btw, Ava enjoyed this picture, and then asked me what color the outside of your house is…? Silly! 🙂

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      Haha! You can tell her that it is brick in the front with tan on the other three sides. I’m not sure I’d say it gets “better” as they get older – it gets different. Ryan isn’t as stubborn and he is quite the helper and listener now, but I’ve traded it for sass and attitude and “know-it-all” actions. Oh the fun!! LOL!

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