If Only I Had….

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Some of us dream of winning the lotto.  Don’t get me wrong, I dream of that too.  But I’m also realistic and know that I have no chance of winning since we never buy tickets.  I mean, seriously.  Do I really think the winning lotto ticket is just going to blow in the wind and find its way to my doorstep?  Probably not.

But what I do dream of is having a disposable $5,000 to do a few little renovations around the house.  With baby #3 on her way we have to reconfigure bedrooms and buy some new furniture to make it all work.  We have bunk beds on order for the boys and will need some new bedding for them.  Nothing fancy; just something that matches and works with the already existing wall color since I’m not in the mood to paint that room (and actually have loved the color of it!).

While we are reusing some of the boys old furniture for baby girl’s room, we do need a new glider in there.  And to paint.  Oh, and some bedding.  Again, nothing fancy.  At one point I was looking at some super cute and girlie bumpers, crib skirts, sheets and blankets and then had an anxiety attack over the $300+ price tag for it all.  I just can’t do it.

We also need some new family room furniture.  The stuff we currently have was purchased as a temporary fix about 5 years ago.  We really only expected it to make it about 5 years and we’re now going on 5.5 years.  We have been looking everywhere and have been to cheap furniture places and high end furniture places.  They all give me anxiety.  With the cheaper furniture I know we’ll be replacing before long again.  With more expensive furniture I panic over 3 children eating, drinking and playing on them.

On our date night this last Saturday evening we went furniture shopping.  How sad huh?  It was actually really peaceful though without kids running around.  We could focus and talk and discuss what we liked and didn’t like.  Amazing.  And we actually both fell in love with a set, the same set.  It’s not too expensive, but very durable.  The salesperson assured us that it would withstand our toddler boys and baby girl on the way.  It still gives me anxiety though spending this money and I haven’t committed just yet.

With a new furniture, we’ll also need a new area rug.  And then a hallway rug.  UGH!

Add some minor landscaping projects we need to do in the backyard and a vacation we so desperately want to take (just a long weekend to Florida; not extravagant!) and it all makes my back tighten and my anxiety rise.

See, I don’t need the lotto.  Just an extra $5,000.  If only I had…..

What would you do with an extra $5,000?

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  1. Great Blog,
    I wanted to let you know I am awarding you with the Versatile Blogger award.

  2. Typical Suburban Family says:

    Some of the stuff we want (like the glider) takes 6-9 weeks to come in so I have to start looking now and be prepared. We don’t have a ton of time left before baby girl arrives! Plus I need to have ideas of what I want for all the rooms using existing pieces that we already have; I can’t leave it up to someone else completely ya know 😉 And I’m involving the boys on what they want…. which is Super heroes of course! At least they agree!! LOL!

  3. Hey–are decorating without me?

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