The View From My Foyer

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Yes, this is the view from my foyer.

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A big ol’ Santa bottom.

His bright red suit stands 12 feet tall on our front porch roof.  It casts quite the red shadow throughout our house when the sun shines on it.  And it lights up our foyer when it glows at night.

In case you were wondering, this year we went straight up tacky.  Sorry neighbors.  We’ve got white littles, colored lights, inflatables, a wire snowman, candy candy lights and Christmas bulb lights lining the driveway.

It’s simply a sight to see.  Nobody can say we’re not in the Christmas spirit though!

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  1. We go with the tacky every single year because I like my yard looking like Christmas barfed on it. What I don’t like is when Matt waits until June to take it down. That’s just embarrassing.

  2. I’m pretty sure this is the same Santa Scott wanted to get for us. It is HUGE! I bet your house looks great – tacky or not! 🙂

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