LeapFrog Party Time!

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When the boys were littler we had several different LeapFrog toys.  What I didn’t realize is that the older the boys got the cooler the LeapFrog products became!

We hosted a LeapFrog party a few weekends ago and the kids loved all of the products. Unfortunately, I was unaware that my camera battery was dead and I have no photos of the fun that took place.  What luck.


The LeapPad was definitely a favorite.  The kids would gather around to watch each  other play and draw. The applications are fun yet educational which is what I like best.  The downside is that they are kind of pricey.  Each application is typically around $20 which is more than I would ever spend on any iPad or Droid app.  I don’t envision having a lot of variety of applications because of this, but the few we do have are a blast for the boys!  They don’t seem to tire of them so that’s good I guess.

The other bummer part is the battery life seems so short.  Granted, I understand the kids are probably leaving it on and not turning it off when they are done to conserve the battery life, but we have gone through so many batteries over the last month it is ridiculous!

Don’t get me wrong though, we have considered buying a second LeapPad so each of the boys have their own.  The positives of this product definitely outweigh the negatives and I highly recommend purchasing one yourself.  They run around $99 and are sturdy and seem to withstand the abuse of 3 and 4 year old boys.


All of the kids also enjoyed the Tag Reading System Pen and books.  This is a great tool in teaching them how to recognize letters, words and sounds and assist them in learning to read.  Over the last month, Ryan has been able to look at words and sound them out.  Both him and Owen sit and read (aka look at pictures) of books after books after books throughout an evening and now with the help of the Tag Reading Pen, they can actually listen to the entire story themselves.  We have the pen on the right pictured above.

Like I mentioned, we are definitely big readers around our house and have been since they were born.  We read every chance we get, but sometimes dinner needs to be made and laundry needs to be done so having the Tag Reading System Pen has been amazing and makes me feel less guilty when I can’t read to them or with them!  PhotobucketAnother product that we were able to review was the world map which also uses the Tag Reading System Pen.  We actually brought this into school for a day as well because Ryan’s class was learning about North America.  The kids gathered around the map and they were able to see where North America was located in relation to all of the other countries.  They were also able to take turns using the Tag Reading System Pen to learn about a variety of facts in North America.

All in all, we have absolutely loved our LeapFrog products.  I think all of the kiddos at the party and in Ryan’s class did as well.  We have already put in a request to Santa for some additional apps and books for use with our new products.  And who knows, maybe Santa will even pick up a LeapPad for Owen too.

Disclaimer: I received several free LeapFrog products and applications in order to host a Learn, Create and Share Party. LeapFrog did not compensate me for this post and did not influence my opinions as expressed above.

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