Our New Green Friends

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We didn’t exactly invite them over for a backyard bash, but they were too cute to kick out.


These little caterpillars are called the Tomato Horn Worm and have made a home in my tomato plants.  At least someone is enjoying the garden this year because we sure didn’t get a chance to.


As of last night we had 5 of them living in our tomato plant.  If it wasn’t the end of gardening season I may be upset about these new found backyard friends, but since we’re heading into September, oh well.  Eat till your hearts content my little green friends.


We (and by we I mean Jim) read that you have to rototiller the garden to destroy any pupae that may be there so we’ll be doing that at the end of the season.  I am not welcoming them back next gardening season.


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  1. Love the photos! I saw you at Top Mommy Blogs, and decided to follow you. Have a good one!


  1. […] found the early stages of numerous little green friends from last year.  Ryan did a great job helping collect them to dispose of them far, far away […]

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