Lion King 3D Was Awesome!

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Lion King 3D is a must see when it comes to the theater next month.  It is a Disney classic, but in a whole new light.

We were a little worried how the boys would do with a 3D movie.  They had not yet experienced this type of movie.  Plus there are parts of Lion King that are loud and can be slightly scary with lions roaring and fighting.

But all fears and concern were a non-issue.  The boys loved the movie!!

Right when it started, Ryan yelled out, “that animal is coming out of the screen momma!” in a super excited voice.  And a few times throughout the movie I glanced over at him and he had his hand up trying to catch something that he thought was coming at him (like rain).

Thanks again to SeeItFirst for our complimentary sneak peek at this Disney classic.  What a great family Saturday morning!

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