Kitchen Renovations & Pregnancy

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I was looking for a photo of our kitchen before we made some renovations and I came across this in my search…


It does serve the purpose of showing the kitchen prior to our renovations, but I thought it was fun to see my prego belly again. Please note that this was taken 3 days prior to Ryan’s surprise arrival in 2006. This is not a current photo of me.

I just want to be clear on the date to avoid any emails saying “Wow! Didn’t know you were pregnant!” or “When are you due?” or “Congrats!” or anything crazy like that.

But back to my kitchen renovation story….

About 6 months after this photo was taken, we decided to update our kitchen with granite countertops and a new back splash. We did not like the white countertops on white cabinets with a white (and cream) backsplash. Too much white for us. We also threw in a deep stainless steel sink.

Long story short, we ended up getting the entire thing for free (minus the back splash). Yes, for free!

It was the Friday before Memorial weekend when all the craziness started. The countertops were the wrong color and didn’t fit. The old countertops were destroyed already.

To back up a step, we had looked at numerous counter samples and chosen our favorite color based on our options. We placed the ordered based on the sample we liked. The problem is that the sample wasn’t labeled correctly so we received a countertop we didn’t mean to order.

The installers called their boss and I called mine, my husband.

Conversations were had (some in Spanish) and before I knew it 5 hours had gone by and our house was full of people. The owner of the granite company drove across Atlanta to our house to see for himself. Jim left work and was not happy. I was caring for a 6 month old baby who at this point was cranky from all the commotion and noise in our house.

We had no running water in our kitchen due to no sink. We had no countertops and dust/plaster all over the kitchen.

To top it off we were heading into a long holiday weekend. Super.

They asked us to take the countertops at a discount. We said “no thank you“. The money wasn’t the issue. We wanted a kitchen that we wanted and liked. We had been living in a kitchen we hated (white on white on white) for too long and we were ready to invest in something we actually liked.

Another hour or so went by and we were still discussing how to hook up a sink until we could get the new countertops ordered, cut, delivered and installed. Did I mention we had an infant and needed these things?!

Another hour went by and the sun was starting to fade. The owner finally said “If I give you all of this at no cost to you, will you please just take it?”

Um…. sure. I guess I can learn to like them at that cost.

So back came the granite countertops and installation began again. We still had the issue of the countertops not fitting correctly and one piece had to be reordered, but at least we could hook up our sink. We were not charged for the actual granite, the sink or the installation. And 9 hours after they arrived at

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our house, they were all finally leaving.

And now as I look at my kitchen 4.5 years later, I love it.

mobile upload

I took this photo at the same corner of the kitchen as the photo above. It’s minus the big prego belly though.

And while this minor renovation wasn’t easy and stress-free, I want to thank Mega Granite for handling the situation and taking care of the problem. We have told the story of your exceptional customer service and how happy we are with your product. We have referred friends and neighbors to you and when we are ready to replace our bathrooms counters with granite, we will be sure to call you again. Even though we had issues with this installation, it’s the way you handled it and took care of the customer.

Have you ever had a renovation mishap that ended great? Or one that didn’t end so great? I’d love to hear your stories.

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  1. What a great story – and in the end, it does look fabulous! Lucky you!

  2. WOW! That is crazy and awesome. I need to update our kitchen.

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