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Our New Green Friends

.We didn’t exactly invite them over for a backyard bash, but they were too cute to kick out. These little caterpillars are called the Tomato Horn Worm and have made a home in my tomato plants.  At least someone is enjoying the garden this year because we sure didn’t get a chance to. As of […]

What Kind of Day Did YOU Have?

.This makes momma happy. This was the kind of day Ryan had.

Lion King 3D Was Awesome!

.Lion King 3D is a must see when it comes to the theater next month.  It is a Disney classic, but in a whole new light. We were a little worried how the boys would do with a 3D movie.  They had not yet experienced this type of movie.  Plus there are parts of Lion […]

Lion King 3D

.Waiting for a sneak peek at Lion King 3D.  We can’t wait!!

Medications, Speech Therapists & First Day of School

.First day of school was two weeks ago. How has it been two weeks already?! I’ve been running a thousand different directions doing a million things. Owen had an eye appointment last week and a 3 year check up today. His eyes are status quo. The doctor said they are looking good and are aligned […]

Kitchen Renovations & Pregnancy

.I was looking for a photo of our kitchen before we made some renovations and I came across this in my search… It does serve the purpose of showing the kitchen prior to our renovations, but I thought it was fun to see my prego belly again. Please note that this was taken 3 days […]

Announcing the Strawberry Shortcake Summer Giveaway Winner

.And the winner of the Strawberry Shortcake Summer Spectacular Giveaway is….. Congratulations!! The winner has 48 hours to contact me otherwise a new winner will be selected. Don’t forget to download your coloring sheet and enter the drawing/coloring contest! And if you head over there this week, you’ll see the Typical Suburban Family blog button because […]

How to Plan a Train Themed Birthday Party

.What little boy doesn’t love choo-choo trains? So why not incorporate the love of trains into your child’s birthday party? We did just this for Owen’s 3rd birthday a few weekends ago. We started with a train themed birthday party invitation (details have been changed for privacy purposes). I used the colors of navy blue, […]

I’ve Got Style!

.Everyone should go back to school “Owen style”. Don’t you agree?

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend….

.Saying goodbye to an old friend is never easy. Especially when that old friend is….nap time! Yes, you read that correctly. This weekend I realized that naps (or even rest time) is a thing of the past in our suburban home. And for that I am sad. Nap time is when I would write up […]

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