Google PageRank Increased… Yippee!

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I am so excited!  I just happened to check my Google page rank and it is at 2 of 10!

This is very exciting to me!  When I switched my blog last year from the free to a self hosted site, I lost everything.  At that time I only had a Google page rank of 1 of 10, but I lost that.

And building back up was not easy.  And Google seemed to never update their page ranks.  So I sat at a 0 of 10 for over a year!  But today, I randomly checked and I’m at 2 of 10!

I think I will celebrate with a glass of wine.  Oh wait, I’m already drinking one…. cheers!

Now, go ahead and check your Google page rank.  Let me know if yours has increased too.

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  1. I am a 2. Not sure what that means though.

  2. I would recommend not to get obsessed with pagerank. Google pagerank is just a irrelevant measure. What really matters is actually getting traffic and conversions. I have a PR4 site with just a few backlinks about 30. All sources are good but it does not have any traffic, why? because it needs authority and authority is not given by page rank.

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