From Organization to Mess and Back Again

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Coming home from (a great) vacation is tough.  Not only is it difficult to get back into routines, structure and schedules, but the unpacking sucks.

As I prepped for leaving, I had everything organized in Rubbermaid bins.   Since we were driving, I felt this was our best option for packing.  There are a ton of varieties to choose from, but I selected the clear storage bins so that we could easily identify in a hurry which bin we were looking for and could possibly even see the item we were searching for.

I had a large bin for mommy; for Ryan; for Owen; for snacks; and for miscellaneous items such as hair dryers, books, toys, sunscreen, etc.

Wondering where daddy’s bin was?  Well, he had to fly home from Minneapolis so he had to pack like a normal person in a carry on suitcase.

I also had a medium sized bin for art supplies that could be used while driving.  And Ryan and Owen each had a small bin that they packed with their favorite toys themselves.

It worked wonderfully and looked something like this.







Of course when we came home it looked nothing like this organized departure.  It has taken me six days; vacuuming three times; over eight loads of laundry; painting two ceilings (thanks fav cuz at Freddy & Petunia!); and rearranging furniture to finally be caught up and enjoying our clean house again.

Aaaaaah….. it feels good to be home.  Well, now that it’s clean again.

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  1. You should have shown the FULL journey! Before–during and after!

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      I know! I should have, but I was so focused on the cleaning portion I couldn’t take the time to take photos. You should see it now though! Spotless and smells so wonderful (aka – smells clean!). Thanks again for your help!

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