A Dog on Bed Rest

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This is what a dog on bed rest looks like….


She doesn’t seem to mind it much does she?


Actually, if you’ve ever read my posts about our OCD, ADD, hyper active, cannot sit still dog, then you know this is killing her.  She cannot handle us constantly telling her to get back on her bed.  She whines and cries when she goes outside because she wants to golf or play tennis balls.

But she can’t.

She’s not allowed.

She tore her ACL over Memorial weekend and is now on bed rest for 2-3 weeks until she can be rechecked.  The vet is hoping that it will heal on its own since it didn’t appear to be a very bad injury.  If it doesn’t heal on its own then it requires surgery.

How did she tear it you ask? Well, it was a move she’s done numerous times.  She ran so fast down our hill then hit the damp grass and her back legs come out from under her and she slides across the yard.  But with Delta, she’s so OCD over tennis balls that she jumps up and immediately starts running and chasing them again.  You’d never know she was hurt.

Then later in the afternoon she started limping and by the next day was running (full speed) on just three legs.  She was all over the yard chasing golf balls again on just three legs.  Nothing gets this dog down.

After a week of meds and bed rest she is doing much better.  She is walking on her leg again and if you didn’t look real close you wouldn’t even realize she had a slight limp.  We’re not taking chances though and we’re doing our best to keep her resting so that she doesn’t require surgery.  Our pocket book cannot afford it.


“Delta!  Stop chasing peaches as they fall off the tree!! You’re on bed rest!!”  She is desperate to chase a ball.  Can you tell?

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