When Did THIS Happen?

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Not that long ago, Ryan’s drawings were scribbles.  He didn’t understand staying inside the lines and he made the entire page one color.

He would explain to me that a scribble on a blank paper was a whale or train or helicopter.  And of course I would ohhhhh and awwwwww over every one of them.  My little man was so talented!

Then the other day he casually walks up to me and said, “Momma.  I drew a picture of me and O-wee**.  See?”


OMG!  When did THIS happen?  When did your pictures start looking like the person, animal or object you say is in it?

Seriously?  When did you grow up Ryan?  I feel like it happened overnight…

** Side note:  the first one is Owen and Ryan was a little frustrated because he tried to draw glassed on him and he said it was too hard and messed up the picture.  The second one is Ryan and he gave himself rosy cheeks because it was hot outside and he was running around like a crazy boy.  Love it!

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  1. More or else they made the most times for all the rest to do this part.

  2. How awesome! How old is he? Dustyn doesn’t do anything like this yet.

  3. Wow! You know, it’s all the small things that make you realize how quickly they are growing, isn’t it? Little things like drawing, getting dressed by themselves, pouring themselves a drink….those things that aren’t in milestone books…..

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      I completely agree with you. It’s like you said, the milestones not in the baby books. Maybe it’s because we watch for those specific things at certain ages so we “expect” them to happen. The coloring, dressing, drinking, etc. happens and it catches you by surprise.

  4. ashleyc says:

    I totally had that moment when Max started coloring in certain objects on the paper. It’s unreal how they just pick these things up!

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