Oh Pizza!!

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When things don’t go Ryan’s way, I will hear “oh pizza!!”. I have no idea where this came from, but it is so cute.

Ryan: “May I have some apple juice please?”
Momma: “In a minute buddy.”
Ryan: “oh pizza!!”

So tonight when we were getting ready for bed with no power (thank you storm!!), we heard this phrase a lot.

Ryan: “Can you turn on my lights?”
Momma: “Nope. Still no power bud.”
Ryan: “Oh pizza. My radio won’t turn on. Oh pizza.”
Momma: “That’s right bud. No power.”
Ryan: “Oh pizza. I bet my fan will work though.”
Momma: “Probably not little man.”
Ryan: “Oh pizza. You were right mom.”

I love this little guy. He makes me smile and makes my heart feel full.

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  1. I love it. Ha ha!

  2. Oh pizza! How cute is that? Much better than many other things he could say!

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