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Life has been busy.  Yet I find it weird that I don’t really have anything to blog about.  I haven’t taken many photos lately and our stories aren’t all that interesting from the last week or so.

Yet we are running a thousand directions and never seem to have time to do anything.


Why isn’t there anything to blog about then?

Maybe I’m wrong though.  Maybe you would find my constant research on elementary schools entertaining.  Maybe you too are in a situation where your school district pretty much sucks and you’re trying to figure out what is best for your family.  Continue in a private school or figure out a way to be in the public school system?  Move or stay?

Our neighborhood is going to potentially be redistricted soon so we’re hopeful that happens and we are districted for the elementary school near us that is actually decent.  Fingers crossed.

Maybe you would also find my constant battle with Honda Carland entertaining.  I don’t, but maybe you would.  You see, the thing is there have been several things wrong with our Honda Odyssey since the day we purchased it.  Minor things like the transmission and the tire pressure management system (TPMS).  You know, little things that are not needed to actually drive the car.  Riiiight!

I’m not blaming Honda Carland by any means.  They keep trying to fix it and have been very pleasant to deal with.  It’s the Odyssey that won’t cooperate.  It.Will.Not.Fix.

And if any of you are familiar with the Atlanta area you may have heard definitely have heard that traffic is not good.  So if I tell you that I live on the west side of the city and our dealership we bring our Honda to is on the far north side, you will understand that it is approximately 1 hour away from us in good traffic (which is hardly ever).

This was my second trek up there in 2 weeks.  They had the Odyssey for 4.5 hours today.  They swore the TPMS light would not come back on since they actually did a complete replacement of the sensor today rather than attempting to fix it again.

Guess what.

The light came back on before I even made it home.


Are you as entertained with the story as I am?  I didn’t think so.

So off I go again in the next few days to see if they can fix it this time.  At least they have free wireless internet there so I can work, stay busy and pass the countless hours in the waiting room before my long drive home again.

Knock on wood, Jim has had the same car since I’ve known him (poor Jim!) and he’s never had issues with his VW Passat.  It was brand new when he picked me up for our first date and the poor guy is still driving that same exact car.  No major issues or service work needing to be done on it in the 8 years or so he’s owned it.  A few oil changes here and there and some minor tune-ups and it’s good as new.  Jim of course is ready for a new car and he has his eyes set on the new 2012 Passat.

Perhaps I should be trading mine in for the VW Routon along with him…..

Anyone in the market for a used Honda Odyssey with a TPMS light that never shuts off?  Gosh, maybe I should go into sales.  I’m pretty good at this huh?!

Oh, and don’t forget to entertain two of my current giveaways going on right now.  These don’t need selling because they are both great products:  Lilla Rose Flexi-Clip (definite must have!!) and Bazooka Treat Basket.  Both have low entries and easy to enter so your odds of winning are really good!!

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  1. aww, hate that for you!
    my dad has been having problems with his suburban…
    it has a leak…
    meaning, the driver floorboard gets wet all the time..
    they have done everything…
    and still, wet…
    good luck

  2. We live in Los Angeles where the public school district isn’t the first choice for a lot of parents. Good luck with your elementary school search!


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