A Four Year Old With No Filter

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Kids don’t have filters. Yesterday Ryan came around a corner and there was a guy with a bit of a belly. His reaction was this….

“Woo! Momma! That man has a big belly! He is a big man!! Did you see that?!?”

Ugh. That wasn’t fun to recover from in front of the man.

Now let me explain something.

First, we don’t ever discuss weight or make comments about people. We are not perfect ourselves and we have no right to speak of others in a negative manner. Weight is a struggle for a lot of people and it is not fair to criticize. I know that I am lucky to take after my father’s side of the family. Tall and on the thin side. Don’t get me wrong… I could lose a few pounds, but generally weight isn’t an issue for me.

This is all just information leading you into my story of my sweet lovable four year old.

Tonight he said to me, “Momma. I love you. You are SOOOOOO pretty!”

Me, “ah, thank you Ryan. That was so sweet.”

Ryan, “well I couldn’t tell you that you had a big belly so I told you that you were pretty. That’s all.”

And no, I’m not pregnant.

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  1. aw, so sweet…kinda. kids!!?!?

  2. My daughter Olivia is 5, but when she was 3 she told me she really doesn’t like my “kangaroo pouch” and doesn’t know why my “zebra stripes” aren’t black and white. That’s the nicest way to describe belly fat and stretch marks I’ve ever heard. :/

  3. Carol Abrahamzon says:

    No end to the material!

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