The Funny Thing About Being Hacked

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First of all, I apologize to anyone who may have received an email from me last week that made no sense.  It did not come from me on purpose; my email account was hacked.

And it took me several days to notice this because it’s an account that I haven’t used in years.  Thankfully I got a boat load of bounceback emails saying “so and so is no longer at this email address” type messages.  But for those that did receive my message (or messages), I’m sorry.

Like I mentioned, this is an account I haven’t used in years.  I had no idea who was even in my contact list for this account.  I haven’t communicated with the majority of these people in years.  And not on purpose.  Well, maybe some of them on purpose.  But life has happened over the years and I’ve lost contact with a lot of these folks.

Then I received an email from one of those contacts.  This particular person was surprised to hear from me after all these years.  Unfortunately, it was by means of an email message that was a random link and didn’t come from me directly.  But regardless, he dropped me a note to say hi.

Immediately, it brought memories back from almost 10 years ago.  It was 10 years ago that I met this particular person while on a work program in Bermuda.  And then after several months of phone conversations and email communications and his relocation from Bermuda to Whistler, I flew to Seattle to meet up with him and we drove his motorcycle from Seattle, WA to Whistler, Canada and back to Seattle a week or so later.



He too is married with two children the same age as our boys. Life has happened for him as well. It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years.  I was so adventurous back then.  Not so much anymore.  Oh, and I didn’t actually drive the motorcycle; I was only the passenger on the Sea to Sky Highway motorcycle trip.

Would I trade my life for those crazy single days again?  Not for a million dollars. But am I glad to have the stories and photos to prove to my boys down the road that I once was a cool chic and not just full of routines and rules?  Absolutely!

What is one of your favorite single life stories?

Sidenote:  Thank you to the particular someone who took a minute to email me and say hello.  It’s been great catching up on our lives.  And I guess a thank you to the crazy person who hacked my email.  Weird to say that, huh?!

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  1. You’re so funny, Jean Ann! And a real Motor-Cycle-Momma!

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      I’ll have to pull out some of my other “cool status” adventures and post them! haha!

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