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I love watching the key word searches that bring people to this blog.  Some of them are obvious ones that need no explanation.  For instance:  suburban family; typical suburban yard; suburban gardens; image of suburban family.

Those are all very obvious searches since that’s the title of this blog:  Typical Suburban Family.

There are others that consistently appear:  Woodchase Academy,

Then are some that make absolutely no sense.

And lately over the last week or more, on a daily basis, more than one search, people are coming to this blog when searching Do Like a Duck Does.  I’m not surprised that my blog appears in that search because it is one of our favorite books and I’ve blogged about it in the past.  What does surprise me is the number of times over the last few weeks that people have searched that and found me.

So I figured, why not go with it?  Why not share again why this book is a favorite of ours!


We bought this book at a Scholastica book fair a few years ago and it’s consistently read day after day after day still.

Part of that is because the boys request it, but part of it is because I enjoy reading it too!  So when they aren’t requesting it then it seems I am.  I love the sing-song-y rhythm to the words.

And when the momma duck scolds the fox, from the age of about 1 year old, Ryan would wave his finger at the book scolding the fox like momma duck does.

Not only is it a cute story with great illustration, but there is a teaching lesson within it as well.  We discuss how we shouldn’t talk to strangers and believe what they say because like the fox in the story strangers will lie to get what they want.  And we discuss how momma (and daddy) will always protect their little ducklings from harm so if you’re scared or unsure you can always come to momma.

We also talk about how it’s not nice to lie.  We’re having issues with lies right now so this is something we are continuously reinforcing around here.

Needless to say we all have this book memorized at this point.  We love it.  We make it fun and interactive too!  There are words that are bolded throughout the story and Ryan will always read those words.  He knows what they are and gets excited for his reading parts.

So if you don’t own this book, go out and buy it.  Amazon is selling it here.  Sorry I don’t have a giveaway or anything to offer.  This post was written solely on our love of the book and the fact that so many have done a Google search on this and appeared at my blog.  I have never had communications with the author or illustrator so I don’t have a book to giveaway at this time.  Bummer huh?

But go buy it anyway!  And let me know how you and your kiddos enjoy it once you do!

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