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Blogmania is coming….. I’ve already introduced you to Orglamix, Grandma Birdie’s Red String and Mabel’s Labels.  These three items are valued at a combined $50+.  And there are still more items and sponsors to be announced throughout the week.

How exciting is this?!

I originally introduced you to this book, Nobody Likes Me last September (here) and 7 months later this book still sits in our pile of favorites to read at bedtime.


The story line is great.  It reminds parents of how kids take everything you say at face value.  They don’t understand busy schedules and chores and errands.  When you say in just a minute they understand that to mean “in just a minute.”  Not in 10 minutes or an hour.  They understand one minute.

Our parenting and our patience have been pushed to the limit over the last several months.  Our work schedules have been ridiculous.  Our commutes horrendous.  And our patience extremely low. We’re up late at night and then up bright and early with little sleep in between.

Watching our words and how we use them is extremely important right now during this busy, crazy time.  Don’t get me wrong, we are not ones to use bad language and such.  We can just be short at times.  Or put the boys off with “in just a minute” type statements.

So reading this book is a great reminder of how kids understand your tone and your exact words.  Plus the illustrations are adorable.

Come back on Saturday for your chance to win this book amongst a whole bunch of other products!

And if you’re lucky I might just have some early entry options available later this week….. stay tuned…..

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