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Can you believe that Blogmania 2011 starts in ONE WEEK?!  One week from tomorrow you could be winning a prize package worth over $100 from Typical Suburban Family.  My theme for Blogmania is Something for Everyone.  I’ll be giving away bows, books, makeup and more!

Over the next week, I will be featuring each of my remaining sponsors.  I already announced Orglamix a few weeks ago and I have lots more to come!

Today, I would like to introduce you to this awesome book Grandma Birdie’s Red String.


I know over the years I have talked about family traditions and holidays and how I love them.  I absolutely love them. I love to hear about our family history and traditional meals that have been made through the generations.  I cling to things like this.  And maybe it’s because I don’t live near my family and so it brings a special closeness for me. Maybe it’s because I’ve lost all of my grandparents over the years and this allows me to keep them as part of our lives.  These traditions allow my boys to know of my grandparents.  And that is important to me.

This story touches on that.  It’s about a little family tradition that Grandma Birdie started when babies were born into the family.  And in the story line Grandma Birdie passes that responsibility on to another family member.

It’s so important to remember the simple things in your family and to hold on to them.  Pass them down through the generations.  Don’t let those moments slip away; celebrate them.

This book will be given away as part of my Blogmania prize pack, but you don’t have to wait!  You can order your book today for just $12.95.

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