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Grocery Store Survival with a Child

. Produce Aisle: You begin your shopping, coupons in hand, with a relatively content child. He is happy to talk to himself and play with your car keys while you squeeze various fruits and vegetables to select the perfect and most economical choices. Of course you swing by the onions, making a mental note that […]

Day Out With Thomas & Friends

.We are counting down the days until we head to Chattanooga, TN for a Day out with Thomas! Our conductors were so excited when they received a surprise package in the mail the other week!  Owen is very into Thomas and Percy right now and talks about them nonstop.  Even the teachers at school have […]

Episencial Summer Kit Giveaway

.I am in love with the Episencial product line. Simply in love with it. We already use their bubble bath and their shampoo & body wash. And now we are hooked on their soothing cream and sunscreen as well. Love, love, love them! If you have not heard of these products, I encourage you to […]

I Blame the Peeps!

.Do you think he’s had enough of those sugary coated marshmallow peeps? I’d say so!

A Few Changes Around Here

.You may have noticed a few changes around here. A new header… a new signature… a few new sidebar buttons for popular searches (gardening and recipes)… and I’ve decided to bring back Feature Fridays. But this time, rather than me selecting a blog to showcase, I’m going to feature guest posts! I may throw in […]

The Easter Pup & Two Boys


The Funny Thing About Being Hacked

.First of all, I apologize to anyone who may have received an email from me last week that made no sense.  It did not come from me on purpose; my email account was hacked. And it took me several days to notice this because it’s an account that I haven’t used in years.  Thankfully I […]

Garden is growing!

. We will have peas before you know it!

Wordless Wednesday: How We Eat Toast Around Here

.I’d like to think we’ve come a long way since these photos were taken last year, but I’m afraid not. I was browsing through old photos tonight and laughed out loud when I came across these.  I had to share.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any recent photos of our messy child for you to compare […]

From Delta’s Perspective

.Ryan has recently learned how to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He’s still a little messy with it and the peanut butter ends up in the jelly jar and the jelly in the peanut butter jar. And if he breaks through the bread when spreading either the pb or j, he throws the bread […]

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