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The reason I started this blog is because I have a deep love obsession with giveaways. I would often find myself going from blog to blog to blog entering in more and more giveaways – and winning! The excitement of getting that email saying

You’ve Won!

is the best. But the excitement doesn’t end there – within weeks of receiving such an email, a package arrives – and it’s for you. I love getting mail – and more so, I love getting packages. L-o-v-e.

Of course, there are tons of companies out there that offer giveaways, for new trucks or a makeover for your kitchen, even hot tubs. I’ve entered those types of giveaways for years – only to end up with a sales person on the phone wanting me to buy something or make an appointment. You know the drill, right?

Entering in blog giveaways is completely different. While, yes – the bloggers are wanting to gain followers and readers to their blog and yes – the company sponsoring the giveaway is wanting to gain business and recognition…You can win! You can win jewelry, candles, vacuum cleaners, gift certificates and more. There is a huge array of items available to win. Huge.

So, I’ve put together a list of secrets (okay, not secrets – let’s call them tips) on how to win at blog giveaways.

  1. Read the entire post. I know alot of people scan (I’m a scanner.) But, for giveaways, it really helps to read the post. Know what you’re entering – find out more about the product. The picture may show a new car, but what if the giveaway is for an air freshener??? Again, read the entire post.
  2. Read the rules for the blog. How many times are you allowed to enter? How quickly do you need to respond if you win? Is the giveaway open to the US only or worldwide? Read the rules first and you won’t be disappointed later.
  3. Visit the sponsors website. That’s why it’s there. Visit the site and have a look around.
  4. Submit the mandatory entry. Most giveaways have at least one mandatory entry. Make sure and do this, as most blogger will disqualify all entries is the mandatory entry is not followed.
  5. Check your comments! Alot of bloggers have your enter in one comment per entry, this goes back to reading the rules. Check to make sure if you should leave all your entries in one comment or post each entry in a separate comment.
  6. Leave your email address (if requested). Even if in your Google profile you have a link for your email address – leave it in every post if it’s requested from the blogger. You can protect yourself (some) from spammers by posting your email like this: TheGiveawayQueen (at) hotmail (dot) com. I do this all the time while entering giveaways and have never had an issue with spammers.
  7. Enter as many times as you can. This is a big key to winning. If there is a maximum of twenty entries for a giveaway – you should be entering all twenty times. Most entries are easy – follow on twitter, facebook, leave a comment on another post, tell me your
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    favorite product, tweet this, blog about this, grab my button. All pretty easy stuff. About the blogging and button grabbing (ha ha…sorry, that struck me as funny) – anyways – about all that, I understand not wanting to junk up your own blog with a million buttons or random blog posts. Consider starting a separate blog, just for giveaway entries. This is also an idea for non-bloggers.

  8. Leave your info. If the blogger asks you to tweet – leave the url for your tweet. Follow on Facebook? Leave your Facebook ID. You get it.
  9. Make sure you do what you say. If an entry says to follow on Twitter, do it. Follow on Facebook, do it. Bloggers check.
  10. Daily Tweets. This is another big key to winning. Alot of giveaways offer daily tweetings of their giveaway. This is a great way to spread yourself out. I often bookmark different blogs so I can go back and post my daily tweets.

BONUS TIP: Low Entry Giveaways. On

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alot of giveaway linky parties, bloggers will often post if their giveaway is “Low Entry”. This typically means under 100 entries – this ups your chances of winning.

There you go. Now, I’m not promising that your going to start winning everything. But, keep at it – follow these tips and you will see results. I follow all of these rules and have won a $100 gift card for eBay, games, toys for my kids, jewelry, gadgets, misc gift cards and more. And, I’m by no means a lucky person!!!

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