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As The Coupon Diva I am asked all the time where I get my coupons from. I tell them there are a ton of places that I get my coupons from. There is not just one place to go to save money there are coupons all over.

1. Sunday Paper

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place where most people find there coupons. This is definitely one of my main sources to getting coupons.You can always check your local newspaper and see if you can get a deal when you buy more than one. My local paper has paperboys on the corners on the weekend and you can get a sunday paper for only $1.00 on Saturdays this saves me a ton.

2. Internet Sites

There are also a number of internet sites that you can get coupons from alot of them can be found on the sidebar. These coupons can not be used everywhere so if you are unsure of the stores coupon policy please check with the customer service desk before you begin shopping. |

3. Electronic coupons

These are coupons that are added to your Shopper Loyalty card or in my case your Kroger Plus card. These coupons are automatically loaded to your card and can usually be combined with your Manufacture coupons.

4. All you Magazine

All you Magazine can be purchased from Wal-mart. If you would like to save money there are some great subscriptions for this wonderful coupons on my site (on the side bar). These are regular manufacture coupons but not the same ones that you find in the newspapers. There are some great deals in there. Also they have awesome articles on clothes, home, and more.

5. Grocery Store

Not sure about your area store but my Publix and Food Lion Stores always have great coupons that I love to get to either combine with a manufacture coupon or if its a manufacture coupon find a great sale with the coupon. Always look at the store coupons. These are called Blinkies.

*TIP* If you see a store coupon of a item you like get a few of them usually that item goes on sale before the coupon expires and its usually a great deal !!!

Aimee B is The Coupon Diva she is a WAHM and a single mother and has been living the frugal lfestyle almost all of her life. You can find more of her deals at

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