Clean Up. Clean Up. Everyone. Literally.

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The boys were supposed to be cleaning the toy room.

Ryan did just that.


Owen does things his own way.  He always does.

He decided to clean himself up.  He put himself in the basket.  And then decided to read a book.





Yes. It is February. And yes. They are both still wearing Christmas pajamas. Don’t judge.

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  1. lololol! I love that they are still in Christmas pajamas….if they still fit I say keep wearing them!!!
    your little guy looks pretty cozy in the bin…if cleaning up were that easy i’d be bloggin in my laundry basket!

  2. Haha, I love this! Clearly, you need to be very specific when giving these boys (or at least one of them 🙂 ) directions on chores! But…it’s just too darn cute not to laugh!

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