I Dream Big

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The last few weeks have been busy. No wait. That is an understatement. They’ve been ridiculously out of control busy.

Everything that could add to our schedules has been added. Work has been overwhelming. Commutes have been horrible. Stress levels are high.

We’ve missed sending cards and/or gifts for anniversaries, birthdays and even Valentine’s Day. Heck. I’ll even admit that I just sent the last of Christmas gifts out just a few weeks ago.

When will we ever be on time and on track? Never right?

On the positive side though the weather has been amazing. Simply amazing. This is why we moved to Atlanta. This is why I love the south. Not because of this.

Over the weekend we enjoyed countless hours outside. Daddy and Ryan went on a bike ride. Mommy, Ryan and Owen did some gardening. Ryan and Owen started a rock garden (since he borrows rocks from every where we go) and since we found a truckload (or so it seemed) of rocks on the hill.

It was what we needed. A family weekend enjoying the outdoors.

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I started an indoor garden of various vegetables to include onions, squash, peas, lettuce. We have 50 different sprouts started plus 16 tomato sprouts.

Jim prepped another garden area where we plan to plant blueberry bushes and raspberry bushes plus watermelon.

Jim and Delta played tennis ball baseball. Delta was so tired and sore that night that she moaned every time she walked. She had a blast.

I started the never ending Spring/Summer project of clearing the hill of weeds. I would post photos, but my hands and body were too sore yesterday to lift the camera. Trust me though. It was a lot of work, but I made a lot of progress.

I made even more progress today when I called a local landscaper to come and give an estimate to have them finish the hill. My birthday is this weekend and I’m getting old. Too old to clear the hill of weeds without being sore for days. We’ll see though. I hate spending money on things we can do ourselves so unless it’s super reasonable (too reasonable to pass up) then I have a feeling it will be me clearing that darn hill.

Dang it.

I don’t mind maintaining it, but boy would it be nice to have a jump start on it. A jump start that includes heavy machinery and several men and a truck to haul it all away in.

A girl can dream

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Nice birthday present I’m hoping for huh? It’s that or a new business suit.

I dream big don’t I?

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