Lawhorn’s is a Must-Have for Grilling Season

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I love to cook.  I just don’t always have the time or energy to do so.  Oh, how I wish I did.  But I don’t.  So instead I look for great (easy) recipes and yummy spices that will compliment the food without hours of marinating and preparing.

Jim is the griller in the family.  He loves adding spices to steak, pork chops and chicken.  He loves to try new ones out and mix different ones together to come up with the perfect blend.

Lawhorn’s sent their spice to our family to try it out. What a hit!  We first tried it on steak and Jim grilled it up.  Absolutely delicious.  Seriously.  We loved it so much we made steaks again a few nights later just so we could use Lawhorn’s spice again.


Jim didn’t even want to mix it with another brand.  It was the perfect blend all by itself.

We figured if we liked it that much on steak, why not try it out on pork chops.  Success again!

This spice isn’t expensive and is definitely worth every cent! And even though the folks at Lawhorn sent us their spice to try at no charge to us, they were very clear that we were under no obligation to positively review them.  But we loved it!!  This will continue to be a must-have spice in our household.  Especially with grilling seasoning quickly approaching.

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Be sure to stop by again tomorrow for a Lawhorn’s inspired, extra spicy, cash giveaway!

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  1. Well basing on your experience and seeing how you love spices, I am going to try Lawhorn’s. I hope the spice I am looking for would be met by the product.

    Thanks for this post!
    Melissa Page
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