Delta’s New KONG Wobbler

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We all know how much Delta absolutely loves her original KONG.  But last week, she received the new KONG Wobbler in the mail directly from KONG.


She very rarely receives packages just for her. Unless of course Grandma Marge sends her a surprise box.  She’s spoiled like that.  When the box arrived it obviously had some scent to it because she went crazy.   All of us were excited to open the box, but nobody could beat Delta’s excitement.  Not even Ryan.


She got right to it.  She figured the wobbler out in no time and had a blast.  She pushed it all over the house; thankfully we have hardwood floors.  And then when she got it stuck under the kitchen table she even figured out how to pick it up and carry it to a more convenient location.  Did you see the determination in her face as she played with her new wobbler?

There is no doubt that Delta is a smart dog.  She needs to be challenged.  She is not content if you just hand her a treat.  She likes to work for it and figure it out.  Or do tricks for her treats.  She needs stimulation and challenge and the KONG products definitely provide that for her.  I think we’re going to need to try the new KONG genius products next.


There’s no doubt.  She loves it.

And a special thank you to KONG for Delta’s new toy. If you ever need a pup to test out a product, you know where to send them! Delta loves her KONG products. And if Delta loves them, then so do I!! I mainly love them because I don’t have to keep replacing them. They are built to last!! I can justify buying her new, different KONG products because I know she can’t destroy them in minutes. These products last for years!  And they provide the challenge and stimulation that my genius pup needs.

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  1. Great job Delta!I agree Kong products ae built to last. I hate buying a new toy for our dogs and having them destoy it in hours.

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