Valentine Adventures

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Valentine’s Day is a lot of work when you are 4 and 2.  We spent the morning talking about which Valentine cards we wanted to buy.

Ryan decided on Batman.  Owen decided on Thomas the Train (or as he says Bamas).

With a special princess Valentine for Katie.  Both Ryan and Owen claim Katie as their girlfriends.  I wonder how this will all play out in the high school years if they both continue to like the same girl??

I loaded the boys up in the van and we were off to buy our Valentine cards and cupcake mix.

We arrived at Target and I should have known better than to promise specific Valentine cards.

First, they did not have Batman.  They had Spiderman, Superman and Power Rangers.  But no Batman.


Next, they did not have Thomas.  They had Thomas Valentine shows on DVD; Thomas the Train cars with hearts on them; and Thomas the Train candy.  But no Thomas the Train Valentine cards.

Second fail.

After much debating, persuading and bribing we left the Valentine aisle with Cars and Toy Story 3.


Then we went to grab the cupcake mix.  But they were out of frosting. And then I went down the next aisle to get root beer for Owen’s Valentine party at CBMS.  And they didn’t have that either.

Are you kidding me?!  Another two fails.

I took the mix and we headed to the check outs.

Yes, I did forget the special Valentine cards for Katie.  Sorry Katie!

Yet, one more fail.

We stopped by Publix on the way home to grab Root beer and frosting only to figure out once we arrived home that I actually bough cookie mix and not cupcake mix.

Oh well.  You win some and you lose some.  I obviously was on a roll losing some today.

The boys had a great time signing their names on their Valentines though.  They worked really hard to make them perfect.









Owen even traced his hand on a few of them.


And after we were done with the Valentine cards, we made and frosted the cookies.

Owen enjoyed more licks of frosting than what actually made it on to the cookies, but Ryan only snuck a few in there when I wasn’t looking.



We hope you have a great day filled with the ones you love.



I know I will enjoy my three loves tomorrow. We have Owen’s follow up eye appointment tomorrow (fingers crossed for good news!) and then school Valentine parties in the afternoon. I cannot wait!

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  1. Are those Sharpies?? I love the idea of letting them sign their own names…but boy, I’m not brave enough to use permanent markers… 🙂

  2. No “Thomas” valentine cards. Hallmark are clearly lacking in their marketing/design dept!

  3. How fun! Happy Valentine’s Day to your little guys. So sweet. Sorry about not finding your stuff.

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