We are Thankful

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There are many things we are thankful for each day. Our health and our home to name a few.  But most importantly we are thankful for our friends and our family.

Today I’m also thankful that the Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl.  And not just for the bragging rights being that I’m from WI.  It also meant that my wonderful father-in-law lost a bet and a 2 lb box of James salt water taffy arrived at my door today.


This taffy is ridiculously scrumptious. Thanks again Paul!

And now the boys would like to each share their version of our meal time thankfuls.

Aren’t they sweet?  Whether or not they know the actual words or just mumble through them, they know what we are thankful for every day.  There is nothing like having great family and friends.  And we have the best of both.

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