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My exciting Saturday evening consisted of babysitting for our neighborhood co-op.  I was uber negative on points and was trying to redeem myself so I sacrificed a Saturday night and headed to the neighbors so they could enjoy a night out together without children.  A date night?  What’s that??

I loaded all of our 2010 and 2011 photos to my computer with high expectations to do complete as many digital scrapbook pages as possible.  Over ambitious?

Yes, I think so.

After their boys went to bed I got my computer out and I was ready.  But first I thought I would quickly check a few blogs I’d missed reading over the last week with my crazy, busy schedule.

And there I was.  Sucked into everything except my scrapbooking.

I read about the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge (31DBBB) in the SITS Girls forum with I’m Still Standing as the “hostess” of this challenge.  I was hooked.  Count me in.

Today is day one and I’m still getting the hang of this and what the challenge is all about.

First, I learn I should have a tag line.  Check.  I already had that… Typical Suburban Family:  Raising 2 Boys 1 Day at a Time.

Next, I learned about email signatures.  I changed mine.

Then, I revised my About Us page.  I learned the About Us page is typically the first stop after someone lands on your home page.  I hadn’t read my own About Us page since last fall.  It needed some work and some updating.  What do you think?

And lastly, I attempted my elevator pitch for why I blog and what I blog about:

I’m documenting the daily life of two toddlers in a busy, crazy and hectic Atlanta household while sharing recipes, parenting techniques, giveaways, product reviews, craft projects and organizational tips.    Follow us on this journey and I promise to bring some humor to your life making you realize your life is normal too.  We’re all in this together, right?

Thoughts?  Do you like it?  Does that cover my blog? Would you add or change anything?

As for those scrapbooking pages I was overly ambitious to finish…. guess how many I actually created?  If you guessed none, zero, zip you are absolutely right. Ugh.

Guess I’ll be signing up for another Saturday evening sit for the co-op. Maybe I will actually dig myself out of negative points.  And then maybe, just maybe, Jim and I can enjoy a date night for ourselves.

A girl can dream right?!

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  1. Love the tag line. Your elevator pitch sounds perfect! I have a suggestion.. and it has nothing to do with this, but I had a hard time finding the comment option. Would it be easy to add a comment option at the bottom of the post as well? At first I thought maybe you were not accepting comments. :-0

  2. No suggestions here as I am a much newer blogger than yourself–but thank you for the suggestions! I think it’s great that you just participate in the neighborhood co-op.

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