For the Love of KONG

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She is still obsessed.  Seriously obsessed.  This is the face that I see throughout each day.   She follows me around the house and when I turn to look, I see this.

How can I not put a treat in it and give it to her?  I know, I know.  Rewarding bad behavior.  But could you resist a face like this?


I didn’t think so.

BTW – she has had this KONG since the day we got her almost 7 years ago.  The quality of this product is amazing.  The only reason we replaced it at one point is because I hid it from her so well that I couldn’t even find it.  Several months after purchasing a new one we did find the old one.  So yippee (total sarcasm)!  Now she has two.

There is no hiding from Delta and her KONG. I’ve tried.

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  1. Oh she is just adorable!

  2. Ha ha. Too cute.

  3. Haha. How cute is that?? Love it. We had an American Bulldog who did the same exact thing. You are so right about the quality of Kong products too. They are awesome.

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