Snow Globes

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Since it was 74 degrees in Atlanta yesterday, I thought it would be appropriate to finally write up our snow globe adventure.  I mean, 74 degrees and snow globes go hand in hand don’t they??

This is one of the projects we took on while we were snowed in.  And earlier this week I realized I never shared this with you all.

I had been wanting to make them for awhile, but every time we would attempt the project something would go wrong.

First it was the hot glue gun was not charged.

Then I couldn’t find the glitter.

And so forth.

But being snowed in for a week allowed us to accomplish one of our winter craft projects.

We started with the following supplies….


It’s a great way to recycle some old baby food jars.  I’d been saving a bunch for the last few years not sure when I’d use them or what I would need them for.  This was the perfect little project!

Then we glued our animals to the bottom of the jar.

We added glitter (a little too much actually).  And we had a slight accident.



Weeks later I’m still finding glitter in the hardwood floors.  Luckily I’m not still finding it on Owen. I thought our supervisor would have done a better job by not allowing such an accident, but I was wrong.


We added water and glued the lid on tightly.  Then we glued on some fabric and cut it to fit.

And wa-la!  Our very own snow globes.


Disregard the sleeping goat.  He quickly came unglued when we added the water because only his for hooves were glued down.  I recommend using something that has a solid base that can hold more glue.

All in all a fun little project to do on a rainy (or in our case snowy/icy) day.

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  1. What a great idea. May have to do this one day. Dustyn would love one with a monster truck I am sure.

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