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Several months ago I asked for some decorating help.  I actually did a shout out and wrote a Calling All Decorators post.  You can see the before pictures there and compare to the new look below.

My dilemma was our two story family room.

First, there is a white vent halfway up the wall, but off centered from side to side.

Second, the way the room is set up the TV is off centered as well making the vent seem even more out of place.

Third, it’s a HUGE wall.  And I mean HUGE.  What do you do with a huge wall?

While this isn’t complete yet, it’s getting closer.  It’s feeling more cozy and warm in our family room now.


Next step is to paint the vent. Some genius who left a comment on my Calling All Decorators post suggested painting the vent to match the wall. Wow. It was the most obvious comment and insight, but the thought had never actually even crossed my mind. When I read the comment I thought, well duh. Of course that would make it blend into the wall more.

That was going to be my first mission that same day.  Paint the vent.  But of course the wall color paint was old and bad in the can so I need to go to Home Depot and actually have some paint mixed.  Six months later I still have not done that.  But I will.  Someday.

And if you think I’m totally on top of it by doing the shelving, well, I’ll admit that it was just done a few weekends ago.  Yes, I’ve stared at this blank, boring wall for six months after I called for help.  But I figured, what’s a few more months when I’ve been looking at it for almost 5 years.

A few weekends ago I had enough and we were on a mission to fix this wall.  All four of us piled into the car and we were off to IKEA.  We found these cool shelves for less than $20 each.  We immediately bought three of them.  The next several days were spent finding things to go on the shelves.  The items had to be light because even though the shelves were secured to the wall we didn’t want to take any chance that one would fall on the TV.

Once I paint the vent, I need to figure out something that can go on either side of the TV.  Big potted plants??  An arm chair??  I’m not sure yet.  Any suggestions without over crowding this room?

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  1. We also have a ton of blank wall space in our home. Sometimes TOO Much wall space can be a hard thing! I like your shevles, I think we’re going to get some of those as well. I was thinking I can put cute little nick nacks and decorating things on them that are out of the way of babies. 🙂

    You’re right, genius idea to paint the vent, I also never would have thought of that!! 🙂

  2. I think the shelves look great. I am your newest follower

  3. So glad you stopped by! I love seeing fellow-GA-Peach bloggers.

    Enjoy the spring temps tomorrow. We are ecstatic at the possibility! 🙂

  4. Well I’m a huge fan of the accent wall- where you paint it a really bold color and the other three walls a neutral to match. I have coffee colored walls and I’m thinking about bringing those down to a cream and then doing a big green wall. I have a red wall in my kitchen and one in my dining room and they look SO good. But.. back your space. What about bookcases? You can fill book cases with all kinds of things (if you don’t have enough books) and I think books make any room seem cozy and warm. Then you could put small (even artifical) plants on the shelves?

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      I totally agree with the accent wall being painted a bold color. However…. I have a struggle with that in this room. There are only two actual walls in this room (where the other two walls would be they are open to other rooms). And to make it even more complicated the only other wall in the room has the fireplace on it. I would think to paint that wall the accent wall if I did that, but I’m not sure it would look right in this room with only two walls to begin with. HELP! What do you think??

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