Our Dog is OCD

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How annoyed does Delta look?


The funny thing is though that no matter how annoyed she gets she will put up with it. She loves the boys so much and is never far from them.

Plus she knows they are messy and they leave crumbs behind them.

Oh, and they love to feed her treats and fill her KONG.  She is seriously obsessed with her KONG.  It’s ridiculous.  She walks around with her KONG dangling from her mouth following us all over the house.  We swear we won’t put a treat in it because that is reinforcing bad behavior (whiny, obsessive behavior), but we cave.  We know she’ll leave us alone for a few minutes if we just put a milk bone in it and send her on her way.  She freaks out when she knows she is getting it.  Sometimes we actually have to hide the KONG out of sight. With her it’s definitely an out of sight out of mind game we play.  If we don’t it will mysteriously show up at our feet all hours of the day and night.  Again, our obsessive German Short Haired Pointer.  You got to love her.

Yeah, she’s spoiled. She’ll deal with whatever the boys want to do to her as long as they keep the treats and crumbs coming.

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  1. Ha ha. Too funny. She is cute though.

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