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I need to admit something.  I might be a procrastinator.  I might work better under pressure.

My college friend Mike might agree with you.  He might tell you that I spent long hours in the computer lab** writing (starting) papers that were due early the next morning (when I had 4+ weeks to do them).  He might tell you that.  Or he might not since he’s a good friend and wouldn’t call me out like that.  Right Mike?  Happy birthday by the way (it was his birthday yesterday).

Better late than never though I always say.

So when it came to the famous Atlanta snow (ice) storm last week, I might not have been prepared with boots for the boys.  But really do you blame me?  We live in Atlanta for goodness sake.  Who would have thought that boots and snow pants would be a requirement while living in the south?

Afterall, we did move here from Denver, CO for a reason.  And it wasn’t to continue buying boots and snow pants.

We would have stayed in Colorado (or Minnesota) if we wanted to experience winter.  Who is kidding who though.  I miss both of those states tremendously and dream of living in either location again.  But while we live in the south I want to experience southern winters.  And those winters do not involve snow and ice.

But regardless what the rest of our southern winter has in store for us, we are now prepared with boots.


Yes, they are more like rain boots than snow boots, but finding snow boots here is not easy.  And finding a sled?  Forget about it.

The boys sure did enjoy playing in the melting snow while wearing their new boots though. See?  They did need water proof rain boots!

Don’t these faces look like ones that are happy mommy finally stopped procrastinating and bought them boots??



Oh, and in case you didn’t notice, Ryan’s frog boots are on the wrong feet. As are his shoes most days. When I politely tell him his shoes are on the wrong feet, I always get this response:  “Oh, that’s ok momma.  I like them like that.  I put them on the wrong feet on purpose.  I want them this way.”

Pick and choose your battles is what I always say.  This battle is typically not important enough.  At least he has shoes on his feet!  So I typically respond with “Ok Ryan, but if your feet start to hurt maybe you’ll need to switch your shoes.  You just let me know.  Oh, and don’t trip please!”

**Side Note:  Yes, I am old enough that we didn’t have laptops or even our own desktop computers while in college.  We actually had to go to the computer lab to type and print our papers.  I spent countless hours in that computer lab (typically in the overnight hours).  Met a lot of great people and have a lot of great memories in that UWS computer lab.

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  1. Love the boots, Jean! They wouldn’t quite cut it this snowy winter in MN (seriously, it’s been insane), but it sounds like they work just fine for ATL!

  2. He he. Too cute. I am with you. I procrastinate.

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