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Have you seen this new Disney Dream cruise ship?  It’s ridiculous.  And I mean that in the best possible way ever. Seriously.

It is heading out on its maiden voyage on January 26th.  Oh how I wish we would be occupying a cabin room on that ship-boat (as Ryan referred to it on our Christmas cruise).

But we’re not.

Instead I visit the Disney Cruise Line website daily.  I put in random dates to escape to paradise, choose our room and dream about the islands we would visit.  Aaaaahhhh…. paradise.

And then one kid takes a toy from the other, the tears start and I’m back to reality.

But seriously.  The boys would absolutely freak out if they were able to go in Andy’s Room (from Toy Story).  Check out the photos that were posted on the Disney Parks Blog (you can enlarge the photo of Andy’s Room).


I don’t say that often, but seriously, how ridiculously awesome does this cruise ship look??

The boys would be living in a fantasy world.  This cruise would be all about them.  All.About.THEM.

And Jim and I would love every minute of THAT.

Some friends of ours want us to book a 4 day cruise in May on this exact ship with them.  The cost isn’t too bad actually.  It’s less than $4000 for all 4 of us in a upgraded room with a veranda.  Not bad right?

I mean, can’t you just picture us hanging at Mickey’s Pool all day?  Or what about the AquaDuck water coaster?  It carries guests over the side of the ship in a clear tube.  Ummm… scary!  But count me in!  And Ryan too.  He absolutely loves water slides.  And this one has a 4 deck drop.  FUN!

Must get back to reality now.  And the dishes.  And laundry.  Oh, what I would do for a few days where someone else did the cooking and cleaning….. a girl can dream right?!

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  1. Wow. It sounds like you have really scoped this out! I think you need to go! : ) I hope you can go soon!

  2. That sounds so awesome. Going to check out the photos now. So cool!!

  3. I just saw the ship in the Family Fun magazine. I hate cruises, but it made even me want to go. It’s important to take a couple of minutes to dream and get away from reality, even if it is for only a few minutes each day!

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