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On our last day of being snowed in Jim had to go to work.  Regardless how the roads were he needed to be there.  I think the have to be there was partially for his sanity.  But regardless that left me and the boys for the day.

Around noon we started talking about lunch.  Ryan said “I know what we can have.” and he disappeared.

I didn’t think too much of it and then realized he was gone and quiet for about 10 minutes.  Oh-oh!

Momma:  “Ryan!  Where are you?”

Ryan:  “I’m making lunch momma.”

Momma:  “What?  You’re making lunch? Seriously?”

Ryan:  “Yes momma.  Come here.  Come please!”

I walked, no ran, to the kitchen.  And there he was.  Proud as a little four year old can be.  He made us lunch.


There sat juice boxes and yogurt for each of us.


And he explained to me that I can sit in daddy’s seat today because daddy had to go to work and he wouldn’t mind.  I’m not sure why I wouldn’t want to sit in my normal seat, but that’s ok.  I sat wherever he put me.  Because he made us lunch that day.  And boy was he proud.  For good reason.  Mommy was just as proud.  No, actually I was even more proud.


Don’t worry about that stray pea on the table.  That was just from dinner the night before.  Not sure why the table wasn’t wiped down by lunch this particular day.  Oh, and have you noticed that every single picture that was taken while snowed in, we’re all still in our pjs?!  Yes, I will finally admit that we just changed from pajamas to pajamas.  Isn’t that the fun of being snowed in???  You don’t have to get dressed and ready each day??

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  1. Awwwww . . .

  2. he he! we don’t get dressed unless we are going somewhere. that was so sweet of Ryan.

  3. Would that have been yogurt and wine for us?

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