Woo-Woo O-wee!

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We’ve been doing a lot of dancing, clapping, cheering and singing around our house over the last week.

While some were getting cabin fever, we were doing….. the pee-pee dance instead!!

“Woo-woo O-wee!  Woo-woo O-wee!!”

I couldn’t be more proud of my not quite (shy by one month) 2 and a half year old.  He’s doing great!

I had actually planned to tackle potty training over the holidays, but with his strabimus (eye muscle) surgery, I decided against it.  I didn’t need any additional stress on top of the surgery and changing schools.

When he moved into the Sr. Toddler A room at Woodchase Academy at just under 2 years old, they required that he wear pull-ups.  He was nowhere near ready to start potty training, but was still required to wear pull-ups instead of diapers.  This drove me nuts.  Pull-ups are more expensive and obviously not as absorbent.  I can’t tell you how many times we’d leave school and have to run somewhere or we’d go out to dinner and he would leak through the pull-ups creating a not so fun situation (we didn’t typically have an extra set of clothes with us).  He did wear diapers on the weekends though.  I had nothing to do with the potty training / pull-up theory.

But they were certain he would be fully potty trained by Christmas.  So that gave me hope and I went along for the ride and tried to get him to go pee-pee potty at home as well.

No luck.


He never once peed in the potty at school or at home between the months of August and December.

But I still continued to send him in pull-ups everyday.

UGH.  I really thought we were going to have big time issues with potty training being that he was not showing any signs of interest.

I decided that since I had it in my head that he would be potty trained by Christmas I was going to go for it on my own.  My way.  But since we had the surgery and new school I didn’t want to add pressure to him (or me) so we waited a little while longer.

But then we got snowed in.  For six days.  What better way to spend our time being stuck at home?

We woke up on snow day 2 and I put him in underwear.  He was super excited. I made a huge deal about his big boy underwear and reminded him over and over and over again that he didn’t have a diaper or pull-up on.  We got a little container and filled it with pee-pee treats.  It consisted of tootsie rolls, licorice, gummy bears and anything else that I could find.  I told him that he would get to pick anything he wanted from the container each time he went pee-pee in the potty.  He couldn’t wait.

I set the timer for every 20 minutes for him to sit on the potty and try to go.

He had an accident almost immediately.  Here we go!

We got a new pair of underwear on and since there was still about 17 minutes on the timer I decided to set it for 15 minutes instead.

He had another accident.  Wow!

With another new pair of underwear and 6 minutes left on the timer, I figured we better readjust to every 10 minutes on the timer.

And that was the last of our accidents on day one.

“Woo-woo O-wee!  Woo-woo O-wee!”

We had many successful pee-pee in the potty dances and went through a lot of our pee-pee treats. We eventually moved the timer to every 15 minutes, then 20 minutes and then by end of day he was telling me when (before) he needed to go.

Day 2 we had only one pee-pee accident and didn’t even need the timer.

Day 3 through day 6 we had no accidents and he would tell me every time he needed to go.

“Woo-woo O-wee!  Woo-woo O-wee!”

Doesn’t he look proud of himself?


Big brother was very proud too.  He would cheer and clap and hug Owen each time as well.  Of course he would always follow those cheers and hugs up with “Can I have a pee-pee treat too since I’m happy for Owen?”

We used this opportunity to make him behave in between pee-pee treats.  So if he didn’t have a time out or didn’t cop a bad attitude since the last treat, then he would get one too.


I’d make them sit still in their chairs while they chewed their candy since I didn’t want them running wild with candy in their mouths.  They would just sit in their chairs and laugh and giggle and talk.  It was so sweet.


Overall, it wasn’t such a bad way to get Ryan to behave.  He was actually very good all week long.  And what great timing to potty train Owen.  We would never have found that much time to dedicate to potty training otherwise.  Again….

“Woo-woo O-wee!  Woo-woo O-wee!”

Monday will mark day 1 at school being potty trained and I’m anticipating several accidents.  New school, new friends, new teachers.  I’m not sure he will be confident enough to tell the teachers that he needs to go potty.  I plan on sending several changes of clothes and lots of pee-pee treats.  I hope they will allow him to have the treats and I’m hoping they won’t mind doing the pee-pee dance with him.

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  1. Way to go Owen!! How awesome. Dustyn does good naked he will stop what he is doing and go pee, but as soon as I put underwear on he pees. I guess I just need to be more consistent. Hope he does good as school.

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