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Some of the things I’ve had to say (or have heard) more than once while being snowed in for multiple days in a row…..

“Don’t hammer your brother’s head please.”

“Why are we missing peanut butter cookies from this plate again?”

“I don’t think Delta wants stickers on her back.”

“The couch pillows do not belong in the bathroom.”

“Why are you walking Delta around the house on her leash?”

“Don’t climb over the back of the couch please.”

“Who left little finger prints in the brownies?”

“Where did your pants go?” (To the boys of course!)

“Please take the cheese off your cheek.  It doesn’t belong there and it’s not funny.”

“You don’t have to do everything your brother does. Especially when he just got in trouble for doing it.”

“You can’t stack a step stool on top of another step stool to reach higher.Well, you can, but you shouldn’t.”

“Why is your brother crying? Again?”

“You cannot eat just the marshmallows in the cereal.”

“You only get the candy if you go pee-pee in the potty.  Not in your underwear.  No you can’t just lick the candy and taste it.”

“Why are you sawing the front door?”

“No, we cannot have Mac & Cheese and hotdogs for breakfast.”

“Stop trying to convince your brother that hiding from mommy and daddy is a good idea.”

and my favorite one…..


What are some of the things you say over and over and over again??

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  1. Oh my, so many snow days…and it looks like you managed them so well! I would have been driven completely insane to stay inside for such a long time. Love all of the projects and fun things that you and the boys did. Are you happy to be able to leave the house, tho?? 🙂

  2. I said multiple times today, “Jackson! Stop peeing on Batman! He doesn’t like it.” “Jackson, put the lid down on your potty seat- Batman will drink it and that is gross.” “Olivia- markers are not makeup” and “Olivia do not tie Jackson to the table with your scarf”.

    Winter needs to be done.

    ps) I live in Superior, WI, right next to Duluth, MN. 😉

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      Superior??? Really??? That’s where I grew up!! Have you always lived there? Did we go to school together? With married names it’s hard to tell so I’ll apologize in advance if we did and I don’t recognize your name 😉

  3. Ha ha! Too funny! I say a lot of those things.

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