First Day + New School + Rocks = Success

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After a stressful few weeks anticipating the change of schools, it was very uneventful.  And that is a good thing!

We talked about the new school, new friends and new teachers and prepared the boys for this change.  We bought their new dress code clothes and made a big deal about little things they could relate to (like the new play ground).

They were ready to go!  And they were excited!

They arrived at school and waltzed right in with no tears or tantrums.  They couldn’t wait.

As I drove to work that morning all of the stress I had been carrying around regarding school had left.  I felt a weight lift from my shoulders knowing that we made the right decision.

Owen’s teacher even called me in the afternoon to let me know how he was doing and how he adjusted to his first day.  Amazing.  I love communication like this!

And when I picked them up that day they couldn’t wait to tell me all about their first day.  Both boys were beaming from ear to ear.

They chattered all the way home.  They were in awesome moods – laughing and singing!

And when we got home Ryan couldn’t wait to show me what he got for me on his first day of school.  A present?  For me?

Ryan: “Momma!  I brought you something from my first day of school today!  It’s from the playground!”
Momma: “Oh really?  A present for me buddy?”
Ryan: “Yes momma!  Here!  I got you a rock for your garden!!”


Momma: “Thank you Ryan! But you know you’re supposed to leave these rocks at school right? You’re not supposed to take them home with you right?”
Ryan: “Right momma. But do you like them? I got you a whole bunch! A whole bunch for your garden! See?”



Momma: “Well thank you for thinking of me Ryan. But we’ll need to bring these back tomorrow ok?”
Ryan: “It’s ok momma. They have tons of rocks at school. I won’t take them all. My old school didn’t have rocks. They only had wood chips.”


And there you have it folks. In case you ever wondered what made a first day at a new school a good one…. it’s rocks over wood chips. I simply love this child.

I think we’re going to enjoy this new Montessori school.  Rocks or not, it’s what we were looking for.

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